Toys & Dolls Many 70’s in ob Online Only Auction

Toys & Dolls Many 70’s in ob   Online  Only  Auction

                             Sunday  June 27 th 9:00  A.M.     

                                Spring City, Pa.  19475

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Spectacular  Collection of 1970’s Toys and Dolls, Trains, Shirley Temple Collection, Toys in original Boxes,  Bisque &  Composition Dolls, Accessories and more!

TOYS: Many Early Train Sets, Ives, Lionel ,HO, American Flyer Bing, Accessories, Transformers, Tracks, Many Hot Rods, Hot Wheels, Playsets, Matchboxes, Tonka Trucks, Renwal Cars and Trucks, Tootsie Toy Car and Trucks, Vintage Revell Model Kits, Hess Trucks, Barclay Figures, Franklin Mint Trucks, Harley Davidson, Helicopter, Early Service Stations, Keystone, Ideal Car of Tomorrow, Revell TV Van, Vintage  Games, Tiny Tim, Village People and others, Marx Roadside Gas Station, Revell Young Garden, Ideal Fix a Car, Milton Bradley Panorama Theater, Plastic Accessories, , Vintage cars of Tomorrow, Howdy Piano, Howdy Puppets, Buddy Lee Doll, Buffalo Bob  Doll, Ramp Walkers, Happy Meal Toys, Avanti Life Size Animal collection, Lion, Dogs, Tigers, etc and  small items and more, Monogram, Pyro, AMT,  Robots, lots more trains just loaded with great toys, many in original boxes. The condition of these toys is excellent.

DOLLS:  Bisque Dolls:  Nippon , JDK, S &H #125, K *R ,A &M 20”, Queen Louise, Alt Beck Gottschalk 24”. Heuback Kupplesdorf 30”, A & M My Pet, Max Handwerk, Bisque Baby Dolls, Many Bisque Dolls, some unmarked, sold in large lots, Floradora, Bye-lo Collection, Lots of Character dolls, Many Composition Dolls, Topy-Turvey, Ideal, Incredible Collection of composition Shirley Temple  Dolls in original Clothing, all sizes, Books, Accessories, One Vinyl in Mint Condition in original Box, this is a beautiful Doll . Boxes and Boxes of Madame Alexander Dolls all original all sizes and Characters, Many Large Portraits, Cissettes in ob, Alex Sonja Henie, Fantastic Cissy in Ordinal Green Dress with box she is a sweetheart! Nancy  Anne Muffie in Ob, other Story Book dolls, Miss Curity, Jill and Jan, Georgenes Rag Dolls in ob, and many other great Georgene Dolls, Scary Ann ob, Terri Lee, Ginny Dolls in ob, Baby Dolls, Seven Schoenhut Dolls, Buffy and Mrs. Beasley, Welcome Back Kotter, Jackie Gleason game, Shirley, Lenny &  Squiggy in ob, Sindy Dolls, Cheetah Doll ob, Vanilla Ice, Austin Powers, Thumbelina, Kate Spade, Anne Klein Barbies, Monte Caro Barbies, Millicent Roberts Collection, Gene Dolls and Dresses most in original boxes, Tyler Wentworth Collection, Tiny Tears, Effanbee Ann Shirley, Effanbee Bubbles, Rosebud, Doll Clothing and Doll Dresses and Shoes ,Little Miss Revlon, Alexander Composition Quints in Cradle ,Full House, Linda Welch, My Three Sons, Sonny &  Cher, OJ Simpson, TV dolls, , Skookum Collection, Martha Chase, Baby Sandy, Annette Himstead in Ob: Liliane, Mikimuka, Adrienne, Sange, Shireen, Janda, Jule, Pemiba, Kat, , Heid Ott, Molleyes,  Full House, Linda Williams,  Martha Chase, Baby Sandy , Flatsy, Kiddles, Penny Bright, Twinkies,Gene and clothing, Barbie Pink Splendor, Jill and Jan, Bruckner,and so much more  Most of these dolls are in the original boxes  in excellent condition.  This is a True Collector Find!

                                                                        23% Buyers Premium