Presenting the Legendary Marianne Thurtle Dollhouse & Miniature Collection

Presenting the Legendary Marianne Thurtle Dollhouse & Miniature Collection

Saturday  December 11th       9:00 A.M. EST      ONLINE ONLY

Absentee & Phone Bidding Available

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20 Bonnie Brae Road   Spring City, Pa  19475

Part One of the most expansive Collections of  Dollhouses & Roomboxs & Extraordinary American & European Artisan Miniatures ever to surface in the Auction Market.  It is a must for all Collectors!

DOLLHOUSES:  Shoalwater Drugstore by Noel & Pat Thomas, Lawbre Thornhill Mansion, Tynietoy, Victorian style, French manor house, colonial style, Log Cabin, Toy Store, Solarium, Cape Cod cottage, Tudor house, corner store, Dutch colonial and others

ROOM BOXES: Ray Whitledge “Afternoon Tea”, Eugene Kupjack French living room box & Silversmith box, Brooke Tucker furnished Room, Joan Helton cabin, Robert Barnhard toy store, Susan Hendrix baseball game, Sands Films antique shop, Bob Courts and Bruce Barnstead boxes, J.J. Buckingham stores, Susan Snodgrass and Stephanie Blythe dressing room, Turnbull store, Victorian & Colonial Rooms, Teddy Bear & Mice boxes, Greenhouse, Kitchens, Garages, Dress Shop, Office, Cottages, Dioramas, Bakeries, Shadow Boxes, Christmas, Living Room, Fireworks Stand, Bars, library, wood working shop, beach house and many others

ARTISAN FURNITURE: Laura Gill, Gail Steffey, Peter Tucker, Patricia Herbillon, Edward Norton, John Hodgson, Rae Stimler, Tony Jones, Paul Ki-Kydd, Robert Carlisle, Sally Hardy, Eric Pearson, Dennis Jenvey, K. Hallsted, Philip Grande, J.S. Whitehouse, Pierre Wallack, Walter Sawicky,  Judy Beals, d Anne Ruff, Dennis & Mary Spirek, Ralph Partelow, George Hoffman, Marvin Tate, B. Davis, Oldham Studio, Roger Gutheil, Monica Roberts, Mac & Lee McCurley, Rhea Strange, Rebecca Brown, Bearly Big Enough, William Clinger, Gerald Crawford, Gil Mena, Frank Coen, Michael Mortimer, Norman Jones, Geoffrey Wonnacott, Warren Dick, David Booth, Donna Wormwood, James Hastrich, Hank Taylor, Susan Wade, Natasha Beshnenkovsky, Nicole Marble Walton, Judee Williamson, Chestnut Hill Studio, Gary Larsen, Taller Targione, Jan Holoran, Paul Moore, B. Hill, Susanne Russo, Uncle Ciggy, Judy Forman, Earl Long, Marcia Gardner, Headley Holgate, B. Moore, Betty Valentine, Ella Realbach, Mary Grady O’Brien, Jan Yinger, Donna & Jim Johnson, G. Earl Hay, Stuart King, Ian Holoran, Taylor Jade, E. Schmidt, W. Stout, Rosemarie Torre and others

ARTISAN ACCESSORIES:  Jean & Teresa Welch, Neil Carter, G. Wright, Jim Pounder, Olszewski, Goebels, June Clinkscales, Ellen Blauer, NiGlo, Thornhill, Jason Getzan, Scott Hughes, D. Perisco, E. Willingham, Jane Graber, Ron Bufton, Tom Thumb, Judy Beals, Pamm Bacon, Gail Morey, Ellen Poitras, Frank Balestrieri, Jacki Transue, Hank Taylor, Mary Bures, Barry Hipwell, Rainbow Hand, Amanda Skinner, Lillian Gaines, Darlyne Holliday, Shaker Works West, Andrew Nichols, E.W. Allen, K&G, Dusty Acres, Valerie Casson, Fran Powderly, Tim Kummerow, John Barrett, Karry Johnson, Robert Nichols, William Stephen Kubesh, Leslie Smith, J. Hunter Stout, D. Shirk, Caren Garfen, D. Williams, Philip Grande, Patricia Tyler, Joan Helton, Mini Creations by Judy, Al Chandronnait, Wilhelmina Miniatures, Paula Gilhooley, Karen Markland, Hemy Epich, Robin Betterley, Amy Robinson, Shirley Whitford, Carol Pongracic, Jo Parker, Ginger Wyatt, Elizabeth Chambers, Janet Uvetake, Pamela Ladia, Lynne McVay, Ron Benson, Deborah McKnight, Jean Tag, Vince Stapleton, Jean Yingling, Betty Neiswender, Carol Mann, Francis Whittemore, Carl Brandon, Emily Farmer, Mary Bures, Mary Hoot, Renee Bowen, D. Kubo, Mary Neaves, Marion Mullins, Mary Schole, J. Miller, Mary Grady O’Brien, Eugene Kupjack, Emily Good, Elisabett Andrews, Sonia Messer, Marilyn Gordon, Bert Oldham, G. Bishop, Marjorie Adams, Amy Ramsey Walton, William Heda, Bobby Simmons, Judy Beckwith, Don Joslyn, Jim Smeltz, Carolyn David, Robert Bernhard, Dan Zerkel, Dolls’ Cobbler, Thelma Lewis DeMet, Daniel Phillip Kronberg, Rue Auston, M. Hunt, Annie Willis, Alice Zinn, Carol Cardinal, Karen Brent, Karen Phillips, Kathie Babcock, Patricia Tyler, Lorraine Bartlett, Joan Rankin, Dan Krucker, Penny Bolton, Sally Plunkett, Bobby Johnson, Isaac Blatt, Alan Waters, Ernie Levy, S. Poole, Mona Jones, Phyllis Howard, Blume Rifken, Paul Saltarelli, Barbara Raheb, Borrower’s Press  and others

ANTIQUES: Ormolu Chandelier, Child’s Marble Top Dressing Table, Carved Wood Dogs, 1899 Carved Sled, Bathroom Fixtures, Carved Buddha Statues, Toncoss Furniture, Ormolu Picture Frames & Ferrotype Photos

SILVER ACCESSORIES:  Pete Acquisto, Guglielmo Cini, Harry Smith, Mike Sparrow, Jens Torp, Enrique Quintanar, S.M. & Co., Obadiah Fisher, Wise, Muriel Hopwood, Gold Mounted Jade Buddha, William B. Meyers bronze cradle

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