A Tradition of Excellence

The “Rhoads” name has been synonymous with performance, attention and customer appreciation for the past 50 years!

It all started with Vic Rhoads. Vic was the “the celebrated auctioneer of the famous Chincoteague Ponies.” He was a master of using the confirmation approach to selling real estate at auction. Vic’s approach is one of the many reasons that the Rhoads family has enjoyed a reputation for great success over the past 50 years and two generations.

Ron Rhoads is the next generation of the Rhoads family. He learned his profession from his father, Vic Rhoads. Ron and his wife, Eileen, are committed to carrying on the Rhoads family tradition of excellence. And, it certainly shows by the continued high attendance, response and purchases of the auction goers.

The Formula for a Successful Auction: Product Knowledge/Pricing

Ron & Eileen go the “extra mile” to gain as much knowledge as possible about the real estate they are auctioning. It is that product knowledge that gives the Rhoads’ clients the competitive edge when it comes to pricing.

Marketing: “90% of an Auction is done before the first bid is called!”

Auction marketing is the single most important step of the process if the auction is to be successful. And, years of expertise in advertising and antique publication are a significant part of the Rhoads’ success. The Rhoads’ marketing strategy includes advertising and promotion ranging from newspaper ads to direct mail brochures and telemarketing. They believe that a properly advertised and promoted auction insures that fair market value is reached for their clients through competitive bidding. Ron & Eileen understand the importance of using a variety of advertising methods and know what it takes to turn out a crowd.


Extensive planning is utilized to eliminate problems from arising. The planning process provides for those “Terms & Conditions” which govern the auction, payment methods, transfer of title, bill of sale, the time and place of pick-up and other details that must be coordinated before the auction.

Displaying Auction Items

Personal property is not only sold on location but can be moved to centrally located sites. Ron & Eileen take a great deal of time to display, arrange and highlight auction items. That careful presentation coupled with the knowledge of product value are, without question, major factors in their continued high attendance and sales.

A Few Words From Ron: “While the auction activity is a business, it can also be fun!”

People come out to hear the rhythmic, enticing chant of the auctioneer. They’ll test the waters with a tentative bid, then — they’re off to the races. Auctions are crowd pleasing, people events that no other type of marketing can come close to.

Whether your auction requirements involve personal property, real estate or other liquidation, Ron Rhoads Auctioneer looks forward to the opportunity to earn your confidence. Please call to arrange a meeting to discuss your detailed needs. Thank you for considering Ron Rhoads Auctioneer for all your future real estate, property & liquidation needs!

Ron Rhoads